"Along with their beauty, trees give us much needed shade and oxygen!

Even after their death they continue to give life to our landscapes."


Jim Seckelmann and Scott Schoeller, founders of Evanston Organics, opened up their business in 2014.  Jim produces mulch and owned a tree business while Scott is a local landscape contractor. They both saw a need in the Evanston area for contractors to have a place to dump their yard waste for recycling.  All debris is shipped out daily to be processed at an authorized compost facility. This not only saves their clients fuel and time but also the environmental impacts of having one more truck on the road. Contractors can pick up quality mulch and other products for their use in the local landscapes. All of our mulch products are made from indigenous trees and are not made from construction debris, pallets, RR ties or chemically treated lumber that may contain toxic chemicals. Starting as a wholesale yard for contractors, Evanston Organics is NOW delivering our quality products to the local residences. Check out our mulch and product varieties on our website. We will help you find a product that fulfills your needs!